Printing Metal at Production Speeds

Printing Metal at Production Speeds

Spee3D has created the world’s fastest metal 3D printer, capable of building production quality metal parts in literally minutes – as compared to 3D printing front-runners whose parts take hours to print.

Through leveraging their supersonic 3D deposition technology, the company promises to solve the industry’s three largest challenges with 3D printing: cost, speed, and repeatability. Overcoming these barriers positions 3D printing to become more deeply integrated in standard manufacturing processes, and we may soon see hybrid manufacturing facilities capable of spitting out cars, trucks, airplanes, etc. at unprecedented speeds. The company can already print parts out of copper, brass, bronze, aluminum bronze, copper tungsten, and aluminum 6061 – the expansion of their materials offerings is simply a function of time.

 “Typically, 3D printers of this size and complexity require up to two weeks to install and set up, however SPEE3D printers can be installed in a matter of hours. We’ve had machines delivered at 9am and can be printing parts by lunch time,” said Byron Kennedy, co-founder and CEO of Spee3D. Just load your CAD file and print your metal parts – they’ve made it that easy.

Spee3D is an Melbourne-based company founded in 2014 with the vision of making 3D printing useful and accessible in the manufacturing sector. It’s founders Byron Kennedy and Steve Camilleri have a track record of developing and commercializing innovative technologies, recently concluding their 15-year journey of spinning off a company from Charles Darwin University and exiting to Fasco Motors – a subsidiary of Regal Beloit.

The company has already been backed by global investors, funded by the Australian, Victorian, and Northern Territory governments, and most recently, honored with the Bosch Venture Award for the best start-up company.

In June of 2019, Spee3D announced a partnership with Headland Machinery, a service-based company helping manufacturers access groundbreaking machine tooling to improve their bottom line through increased efficiencies and capabilities. Their CEO at the time, Richard Kloe, noted that "Headland’s goal has always been to enable innovation and to provide our customers the highest quality technology solutions available, which is exactly what SPEE3D brings to the table. We’re delighted."

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